Update your Google Resume

By John Link

It is important to think about today’s resume as more than a physical document. Through social media, one has the ability to present their personal and professional self through a variety of platforms. For some employers, reviewing the online presence of a potential new hire is a standard part of the screening process. Your Google presence can communicate both personality and professional characteristics that reinforce positive messaging from a resume and interview.

Follow these recommendations for presenting your best professional self on social media.

Make it Easy for People to Find You

You may not want employers to find you online, but it’s likely that a future employer will do their best to check out your digital presence by Googling your name. If you’re on LinkedIn, it’s likely that a Google search will lead with your LinkedIn profile, followed by any additional social media accounts that you are active on. Bring uniformity to your social media accounts by using the same account name, perhaps one that corresponds to your e-mail handle, and the same profile photo across all accounts.

Clean up your Photos & Content

Documenting experiences with photos is common for many social media users. When looking for a job, clean up any photos that misrepresent who you are as a professional. Adjust your account settings to eliminate contacts from tagging photos of you without your permission. This will allow you to be in control of what photographs appear in your profile.

There are a variety of uses for social media including sharing and communicating information on a variety of topics. While your social media accounts are likely used for personal use, your communication style is on full display. Written communication is a highly sought after skill by employers. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and other conventions of writing to ensure you are expressing yourself well.

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John Link is the Assistant Director in the Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.