Walker School of Business and Technology Electives

Kristi Morris PictureBy Kristi Morris

Are you a Walker School of Business and Technology (WSBT) student looking to take an elective this term? Electives are a great opportunity to expand on courses that you enjoyed, try a course that sounds interesting, and aid in your career goals!

Electives must come from graduate courses offered in the Walker School of Business and Technology or one of the MBA areas of emphasis. A list of the Walker School of Business and Technology programs can be found at here. Course descriptions can be found at here.

Spend some time looking at the links to get an idea of what curriculum areas sound interesting to you. Think about what coursework will help you do your job better or will help you in the job that you want to have in a couple of years.

Some curriculum areas require a requisite course to be completed prior to completing other courses in that area. The requisite course is a 5000-level foundations course and will also fulfill an elective. If you have a background in that area through your undergraduate degree or work experience, please talk with your Academic Advisor about seeking a course waiver for a 5000 course. Some courses also require prerequisite courses before you are eligible to take it. The course descriptions will indicate whether a course requires any prerequisite courses.

Interested in an accelerated professional development seminar as an elective? The Walker School of Business and Technology offers both online and in-classroom one-credit hour seminar courses. If you take three of them, they fulfill a three-credit hour elective! The Walker Seminar schedule and course descriptions can be found here. Please note that a maximum of three seminar courses can be applied to your degree.

Did you know courses from Graduate Certificates are also eligible as electives? You can use the same course to fulfill both an elective and Graduate Certificate requirement. If your program requires 12 hours of electives and you take courses that are required for a 12 hour Graduate Certificate, you can earn a Graduate Certificate just by fulfilling your elective requirement! A list of Graduate Certificates can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns about electives, please reach out to your Academic Advisor! Advising appointments can be scheduled by calling 314-968-6972.


Kristi Morris is an Academic Advisor for Webster University.