Webster is ranked #1 online provider in the state of Missouri!

The Community for Accredited Online Schools, a leading resource provider for higher education information, has compiled its list of Missouri’s best online colleges and universities for 2017. Of the 31 four-year schools Webster University is at the top of the list!

See more about the rankings here, and to see the rankings be sure to scroll down past the schools to the best online schools 2017 (bottom of the page).

Webster University has several graduate degrees, bachelor degrees and certificate programs online. Online programs are offered both full-time and part-time for students in the U.S. and abroad. Online courses are set up to meet the same academic standards as the traditional on-campus programs. However, the courses are also tailored with online learning in mind. Courses are delivered through WorldClassRoom, where students can access the same faculty who teach the courses in person. Students are able to access their courses digitally from anywhere and at any time. Students also have access to other students for networking opportunities.