Webster University Offers Rewarding International Opportunities for Adult Learners

by Johany Glen

You might have thought about Study Abroad as something more for a nineteen-year-old who wants to live out of a backpack and eat canned beans. Well think again! More adult learners, than ever before, are enjoying the many benefits of international education. The Office of Study Abroad at Webster University is here to make it easy and enjoyable too! You can study abroad at a Webster campus or with international partner.

Student in Vienna

Aleida Hertel (printmaking BFA) studied abroad last summer 2016 in Vienna where she did the Summer Art Global Institute course with professor Tom Lang.

You can gain international experience, increase your cultural awareness, improve your language skills, and make new friends that you will enjoy for a lifetime! Employers today are looking for employees who understand cross cultural challenges and diversity. Not everyone in the world does things the way you do. This doesn’t make you wrong or make them right; this is the challenge of the global economy. Now it is more important than ever to have international experience on your resume.

Challenge yourself to be the “outsider” and experience diversity like you have never seen before. Learn about new cultures, eat new foods, and dive into new experiences. Webster University makes this easy with campuses in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ghana, Thailand, Greece, and Austria. Students can also study abroad in Florence, Italy, through Kent State University or through an exchange partner in Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Spain, and Mexico. You will be studying alongside a diverse group of students. You may be joined by fellow American students or you may be sitting next to a student from Pakistan in a classroom in Bangkok, Thailand. Imagine eating lunch after class with a woman from Cambodia in a café in Vienna, Austria!

Student in Beijing, China

Siara Montgomery in Beijing, China on a Faculty Led Program for Business and Management Issues in Global IT Development with professor Peter Maher and Quinn Shao last Spring 2016.

Guillo Rodriguez, the Director of Study Abroad at Webster University, has this to say “Many working adults continue their education and become life-long learners becoming better employees.  As a result, their employers benefit with their additional education and experience. Having a study abroad experience enhances the value of the employee to its employers, but most working adults cannot accommodate international year-long or semester programs.  A faculty led program requiring one or two weeks of travel is a great alternative for these students. These programs allow participants to understand the world around them by immersing them in other languages and cultures.”

Webster University makes this easy for online and adult students. Graduate students have told us that this was their best experience at Webster and it “changed my life”. Our application process is easy and we have study abroad fairs where you can come in and get help with every step. We have expert advisors who have been abroad and can help you with any questions. Phone appointments are also available. Nick Hall is one of our advisors and he is a Webster grad who studied abroad in “The Land of the Rising Sun” Japan! He would love to share his experiences with you and make international education become a reality for you.

Webster also offers short term programs that can be better suited for a busy lifestyle. We have had programs to Cuba, Rwanda, Colombia, London, Spain, Ireland, China, and France.  These programs are faculty led and will involve you in the learning process.

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Never hesitate to reach out to the Office of Study Abroad. We are here to serve you and make your international education dreams become a reality.

Johany Glen is the Office of Study Abroad Representative on the home campus in St. Louis, MO.