WebsterU Online courses are the Way to Go

By Vicki Ambrose, M.A. Gerontology ’15

Students who come from a traditional classroom setting might be apprehensive when considering online classes. I am an adult learner and technology is NOT my first language so I was a little nervous before starting an online program; however Webster University makes their online environment so user friendly. Prior to starting classes, the Student Services team provides an online tutorial that walks you through all aspects of being an online student. They are available throughout the semester for questions and members of the team even offer suggestions on how to balance studying with our outside lives.

Some students in traditional courses may feel like they will miss out on getting to know their classmates or instructor. I do not feel I have missed out on a thing with my online Master’s in Gerontology program. In the online course, there are ample opportunities to discuss topics with peers plus it was helpful for me to see the course content through another set of eyes. Since Webster is an international university, I met students from all over the world with different backgrounds, educations and life experiences. Communications with my professors were promptly answered through email which made me feel like going to school online could happen 24/7.  I believe I saved time and money by taking my classes online which means a lot in our busy lives. Even as an alumni from Webster University, I have found I can participate in alumni events and access career resources whether my degree was for personal or professional goals.

If you are pondering higher education through Webster University, look at their website: www.webster.edu/online/. Many of your questions can be answered right there; if not, peruse the site and find the department that best fits your needs and give them a call. I love Webster and have thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Each time I have worked with Webster, they make the process convenient and seamless. I cannot recommend WU enough; an international university that is impressive yet comfortable and homey.


Vicki Ambrose received her B.A. in Religious Studies from Webster University and has just recently completed her M.A. in Gerontology (’15). Both programs are offered online.