WebsterU Student Bloggers Wanted

We are looking for student WebsterU bloggers!

  • Are you interested in being a part of the Webster Online Blog?
  • Do you have advice for your fellow students on how to successfully navigate online learning?
  • Would you like to add guest blogging to your resume?

We are looking for student posts (undergraduate and graduate). We are open to suggestions on topics. You can write on a myriad of subjects, such as:

  • How did you select your area of study and how will you utilize your degree?
  • What motivated you to complete your degree solely online or mixing ground and online classes?
  • How do you stay organized, what are some best tips and practices that you use to stay on top of your courses?
  • How does your schedule (work, family, military) impact your time to study?
  • Taking a Travel Course? Tell us about it!
  • Military students: Why online? What are ways online classes will surprise you? What should military students know about online learning?
  • English majors: book reviews, top 5-10 lists of books, or subtopics like: new books, children’s books, or spring themed books.
  • Film majors: movie reviews, top 5-10 lists of movies, or new movies…
  • Education majors: buzzwords in education, theories popular right now, new technology in the classroom
  • How to navigate a course if you have a disability
  • Do you have a hobby you believe other students would be interested in?

These posts can vary in length. There is no set word limit and we will work with you to make sure your post is great. If you are interested or would like more information about this opportunity, contact studyonline@webster.edu.