When’s the right time to visit your career advisor?

johnlink2By John Link

It has been a year since I began working for the Career Planning & Development Center at Webster University. Working with a variety of students from varying degree programs, I have been able to see students add value to their Webster experience by investing in their comprehensive career planning and development. Our office emphasizes that all students, undergraduate and graduate, should meet with their career advisor early in their collegiate career to discuss goals, both short and long term, and advice for maximizing resources to assist with obtaining their goals.

I had a great conversation with a parent of a first year student in August who was filled with joy that her son was beginning a new, exciting journey at Webster University. The parent had many great questions, but the one that keeps me focused on targeting students early in their collegiate career is, “how early should my son begin meeting with a career advisor”? This was a prime opportunity to share with the parent about how value is added when students meet with their career advisor early and regularly through their time in college. In other words, it’s never too early to meet with your advisor to discuss career direction, goals, building marketable documents to showcase knowledge, skills, and abilities to employers, and so much more.

Our online students are welcome to schedule an appointment with their designated career advisor as well. By phone or through WebEx conferencing, our team can connect all Webster University students with the resources needed for career readiness. Visit the Career Planning & Development Center’s website at www.webster.edu/career-services/ to view a listing of all our resources, and call 314-968-6982 to schedule a career advising appointment.


John Link is the Assistant Director in Career Development Webster University Career Planning & Development Center.