Why I Choose to Take a Cybersecurity Class Online

ErikBuschardtBy Erik A. Bushardt

How did you select your area of study and how will you utilize your degree?

I selected my area of study after realizing that cybersecurity is a highly regarded and growing field, and is more unique than Information Technology Management courses in terms of career outlook and potential. As my proficiency in Information Technology continues to grow, I will use this degree to build upon my undergraduate work completed in Computer Science. I am already experiencing a high demand for my services when posting my resume on several online job forums, and will be able to take advantage of tuition reimbursement from both of my current employers.

What motivated you to do an online class?

Convenience was a primary factor in choosing my current online course, CSSS 5210 Cybersecurity Law and Policy. Take-home midterms and tests are nice, but they are offset by the level of detail required in each response. Timed tests can occur in class or online, but the nice thing about a take-home exam is that one is usually given a range of time (typically a week) in which to start their (90-min or 2-hr) exam or midterm. Other than that, I am happy to take in-person classes, based on course availability for each term.

How do you stay organized, what are some best tips and practices that you use to stay on top of your courses?

Having a firm grasp of what you are being introduced to in class will always help. If you are overwhelmed by material, I’ve learned to reach out for help from classmates or the professor via the contact information listed on his or her syllabus. If you are feeling underwhelmed, one can always head over to Google or Yahoo to search for additional topics relevant to your class that may be of further interest to you.

How does your schedule (work, family, military) impact your time to study?

Since a balance of work commitments, quality family time, and personal recreation is always desired, and it is best to develop a regular pattern for each term. I find that as long as I am getting a full night’s sleep, regular family time, and A’s in my class, I must be doing something right!

Best of luck as you pursue your goals here at Webster University!


Erik A. Buschardt is an current Downtown campus student pursuing a Masters in Cybersecurity Studies at Webster University.