Your Librarians Are Here To Help

Emily3By Emily Scharf, Instruction and Liaison Services Librarian

You probably read that the Library is a lifeline for Webster Online students in Marguerite Epps’s blog post of tips for online students. She mentioned our awesome databases (over 160 of them!); our book catalog, which is filled with eBooks that you can read right on your computer screen; video and website tutorials that give you tips and tricks for using library resources; and electronic reserves, which are found inside WorldClassRoom.

Here’s something else that makes the Library a lifeline: librarians and library staff are here to help you. You can call the reference desk and talk to a librarian who can answer questions like, “how do I start researching for my paper on women in management?”, “how do I find a case study that relates to counseling teenagers?”, “how do I cite a film in APA style?”, or any other questions you have about finding information, researching articles in the library databases, finding the right eBook or video, and more.

Here’s a well-kept secret: librarians are really nice! TV shows and movies make it seem like we’re mean, bun-wearing shushers, but we’re totally not. We’ll guide you through your research and save you time. Get in touch with us by using any of the methods on this page:


Emily Scharf is an Instruction and Liaison Services Librarian at Webster University.